Le Jardin

You'll appreciate the charm and tranquility of our 3500 m2 English-style walled mixed-boarder garden. It's a permanent sensory spectacle, changing with the seasons.

Over 500 varieties of perennials, trees and shrubs flourish here: hosta, daylilies, astrance, anemone, berberis, agapanthus, Acanthus, Montbrécia, ornamental walnut, yew, roses, ginkgo biloba, Hellebore...

A dovecote, a former stable and a 350 m2 pond complete the ensemble.

Ducks, moorhens, carp, frogs... cohabit in perfect symbiosis...

In the past, it was a park full of flowers and trees that was abandoned after the Second World War, until two enthusiasts decided to recreate it

Individual or group visits available on request and by appointment all year round.

Please contact us for further information.

Here the garden between 1945 and 1952, thanks to M. Marguerite