Lunch and Dinner

À la carte - consumable in the Lodging or in the garden (From 10 to 24 euros)

Examples of dishes:

  • Pâté picard, Velouté Safrané Mussels & Julienne Vegetables
  • Picardy Potée, Herring and Potato Salad, Vegetable Garden Soup
  • Caramelized apple crumble, Chicory cream, Rum baba

We offer a catering solution for your lunch or dinner.
To be heated (3 to 4 minutes) and eaten in your accommodation or garden
These are dishes in jars, made by a local craftsman and sterilized (without additives or preservatives).
Heatable in microwave or bain-marie.
Very practical for late arrivals or just wanting to do nothing.
Map and prices sent on request or available in your accommodation.
You can reserve them and find them in your accommodation on arrival, or choose them on site.

Product sourcing:
Organic, sustainable, traditional and local.

Intolerances, diets:
We are attentive to any special requests, preferences or intolerances. List of allergens available

Price list :

Main course: 10 to 12 euros
Starter/Main course or Main course/Dessert: 15 to 18 euros
Starter, Main Course and Dessert : From 21 to 24 euros